Thursday, January 20, 2011

Introducing myself...

So- I am linking up with Kelly's Korner for fun. She is doing a "Show Us Your Singles" Day and, well, that includes myself! name is Christina. I am from North Louisiana, live in the DFW area, and am in my mid-20's.

I an currently attending graduate school, and have a background in the field of Music Education. I enjoy singing, cooking, running, and spending time with friends. I love my family tremendously, and miss them greatly. I am not big into sports, but enjoy working out (I do spin classes and TurboKick) and watching sports on television occasionally (Go New Orleans Saints! :).

Although the above picture is slightly embarrassing (ha!), it really does show my fun side- I am not afraid to have a good time! I am also not embarrassed to share my faith in God. I try to rely on Him fully everyday, for He is my strength, and live my life according to His teachings and word. Thanks for stopping by to my little blog world today! :)

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Sara said...

super cute :) and you are beautiful!